martes, septiembre 13, 2005

Oracle compra Siebel

Por fin, como ya apuntabamos hace algún tiempo, Oracle se decide a comprar a Siebel. Como comentan en la noticia, Larry afirma que con esta compra "En un solo paso, Oracle se convierte en la compañía número uno del mundo en aplicaciones CRM", lugar ostentado hasta ahora por SAP. También como dice Enrique Dans, es una forma de que Tom Siebel vuelva a Oracle, de donde salió. El mensaje de Oracle a sus partners ha sido el siguiente:

Dear Partner,

Today we announced our plan to buy Siebel, the leading provider of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, solidifying Oracle's position as the number one applications company in North America and moving us closer to the number one position globally. We expect the transaction to close in early 2006, subject to regulatory and other approvals. Until the deal closes, each company will continue to operate independently, and it is business as usual.

This is a customer driven acquisition. Our joint customers have consistently recommended this transaction to both companies for over a year. Siebel provides best-in-class customer-facing products and industry solutions to over 4,000 customers and close to 3.5 million end users, and we will make the features of those products the centerpiece of our Project Fusion CRM products. Siebel boasts 98% customer loyalty across its customer base, and has proven flexible deployment options and demonstrated ROI. Siebel CRM, Oracle ERP, Oracle Fusion Middleware, and Oracle 10g Database combine to form a complete, world-class set of customer-centric, information age applications. Together we become a stronger, more strategic partner, with complementary resources and maximum deployment flexibility. Our customers and partners have asked for it directly.

Customer investments in Oracle and Siebel CRM will be fully supported and protected. We plan to continue to provide product enhancements and support to Oracle, PeopleSoft, and JD Edwards CRM products, and we encourage our customers to continue to use, deploy, and upgrade to new versions of these products. In Oracle's next generation CRM, customers will benefit from the best features of Oracle, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, and Siebel products. Customers will also gain access to Siebel CRM best practices and to a range of Siebel customer-facing modules that are complementary to Oracle's offerings, including industry-tailored CRM, analytics, and customer data integration.

Oracle and Siebel partners will benefit through an expanded product footprint in customer-facing solutions and have a single vendor to address customer needs for CRM, analytics, customer data integration, ERP, and infrastructure technologies. Moreover, Siebel partners will be able to take advantage of Oracle's worldwide resources and increased partner investment while Oracle partners will benefit from Siebel's best-in-class customer-facing products, Customer Experience consulting, and proven best practices tailored to industry needs.

As our current partners know, partnership with Oracle opens the door for partners to leverage the strengths, competencies, and expertise of a global community. The synergy created through these partnerships and the integration of Oracle and Siebel will accelerate our partners' growth into more industries, across broader geographies and channels, and into additional market segments.
To learn more about the Siebel acquisition, please join Oracle and Siebel in a session at Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco on Monday, September 19. A replay of the session will also be available at, along with other important information regarding the transaction.

We are dedicated to maintaining and increasing the quality of innovation, support, and service you have come to expect from Oracle and Siebel. We look forward to providing you the best and most complete customer-centric technology platform for your business.

Charles Phillips
President, Oracle

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Ontario Emperor dijo...

Gracias. I hadn't realized that there would be a special session at Oracle OpenWorld about the acquisition (although I should have expected it).


Enrique dijo...

Parece ser que al final Tom no volverá a entrar por la puerta en plan "vuelta del hijo pródigo". Se ha comunicado que se desprende de todo su paquete accionarial. Para una acción que llevaba estancada tanto tiempo, no es un mal precio, la verdad.