jueves, noviembre 25, 2004


Me comenta mi buen amigo Axel Fersen de MIS que acaban de inaugurar esta web sobre BI. La verdad es que está muy interesante, sobre todo por los casos prácticos, aunque en los que no son españoles el texto parece traducido por una máquina.

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Philippe NIEUWBOURG dijo...

Hi Javier,
Just a comment to your post. We never use translation machines to publish information! I'm not sure that Veronique Sutra a very professional girl who was in charge of Decideo in Spain would be happy to know that she's a translation machine. Perhaps sometimes she can make some language mistake because she's from France but living in Madrid since on year.
Perhaps press releases you saw where translate by american software vendors with machines but we never do this.
To take this opportunity to give here more information I just would add that Decideo.com is the french and spanish speaking leading community arround BI tools with more than 7,000 membres since 10 years in France. You can find us at www.decideo.com.
Your blog is a good idea and I hope you will succeed.
Sorry for this post in english but I certainly speak Spanish worst than you speak French ;-) ... which is really different from Veronique who's fluent!

javier dequiros dijo...

Philippe, thanks a lot for your comment. I said that because some of your articles sound a bit strange, but in general terms I find decideo quite interesting. To compensate Veronique I'm sending her two articles from my company..in a perfect Spanish ;) Javier